Tuesday, May 09, 2006

What I think a song should say
I think songs should be songs that praise God. Some songs that people think glorify really do not. People can be lead away by listening to music that does not glorify God. Songs can be bad or good. They can be about God or worldly things. There are singers who say they sing to the glory of God but really do not. For example Mary Mary, they may sing Christian songs but perform on tv shows like Soul Train that are not God glorifying. The Bible says we must glorify God in everything we do even when we sing and play. We must glorify God or the stones will cry out (Luke 19:40). Be examples to other people and not listen to bad music because it does not glorify God. Next time you hear something bad come on the radio or tv change the station or turn off the radio. Remember to glorify God in every thing you do (1Cor. 10:31).

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Having Faith
I have learned that when you have faith you must believe. For example my leg had eczema on it. It wasn't ordinary eczema, it was really bad. For 5 months we tried to figure out what was on my leg. At first we thought it was ring worm. One doctor gave us some big pills for me to take. We thought it would go away but it did not. Then we went to my doctor. He thought it was ring worm too. He gave me some cream and a shot. The next day we went back for another shot. I kept saying " Why me?". So I had to have faith like Jesus said in Mark 11:22. I kept praying and praying that God would heal my leg. Finally my doctor sent us to a Dermatologist. He said its eczema. He said with eczema it would make bumps. Every Wednesday when we would go to church, I would ask everyone to pray for me. My pastor said I had faith and that God would heal my leg. Having faith helps in times of trouble. Recently my Mom read us a story from "Amazing Stories From Times Past" about a women in China who was in the field. She was with her two daughters. All of a sudden a Lion attacked the lady and tore her shoulder open. She was afraid. However a few days before a missionary had come and talked about faith and prayer. So she prayed and had faith and the lion went away. Have faith when you pray and believe God will answer your prayer.